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Welldone Chips Bags are 30% off now!

Welldone Chips Bags are 30% off. Available in 2 sizes (13L & 30L) and a range of great colors. They'll make a fantastic addition to your On or Off bike Adventures!

These bags fall squarely in that Ultralight classification of backpacks, and have a ton of really clever features and are constructed of super lightweight, durable materials right in Nagoya, Japan. The Chips bags are probably most distinguishable for their unique opening style that offers a vertically oriented roll closure for....

SimWorks by Velocity / Polished Standalone

The Oxford English Dictionary gives three distinct definitions for the term‘polished’….

  • shiny, as a result of being rubbed.
  • accomplished and skillful.
  • refined, sophisticated, or elegant.

How fitting that our newly offered Polished Standalone 001 rims from our partners at Velocity would embody all three of these definitions.

SimWorks is pleased to now offer Standalone 001in a beautiful high-polished finish.....

【New Release】Sim Hoodies

We liked the patches that we had made for our new Sim Loaders line of bags so much that we set some aside and had them sewn to some Hoodies. These "Heavyweight" hooded sweatshirts are just the ticket for getting cozy when the temp dips a little lower. 

They're a great way to show off some understated SimWorks love, and to warm up on a cool morning ride to the coffee shop, an evening pedal to the pub, or for some added warmth in the lot after a day spent riding single track, or waves at your nearest break.

【New Release】Doppo Locust & Sim Loaders

SimWorks newly released offering of a range of purpose built bike and luggage for bringing your life with you on your bike- be it to travel across town or across time zones......

【New】To Smile

Show us your ear to ear Grin – 'To Smile' Bar is back

Go further. With this in mind, To Smile Bar was created for cyclists who are seekers and wish to venture off the beaten path. A long-time SimWorks staple bar has been resurrected with a new specification....


DOPPO by SimWorks

1) Going alone.
2) Working on something independently.
3) Nothing equal and superior to everything.

RAL x POBS x Russ Pope Capsule

RAL x POBS x Russ Pope - WB Loader

Bob Scales has owned and operated a line of (mostly) men's wear since 2010- eponomously calledProduct of Bob Scales, orPOBSas it's evolved to in acronymic shorthand.

RAL x POBS x Russ Pope - Bottle

A hydration solution from the RAL x POBS x Russ Pope Collection to style out your ride or take on the go. Featuring a cast of memorable characters in Russ' signature style. A touch of class. A pinch of irreverence. 

RAL x POBS x Russ Pope - Bandana

A simple piece bringing together the efforts of RAL, created alongside our friends and collaborators Bob Scales & Russ Pope, this handsome bandana is part of a capsule collection of goods celebrating that effort and the unique and recognizable artistic style of Russ, on a textile that Bob would surely approve of. 

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