BTP- Woven Bar Wrap

A vibrant new offering


Peregrine Spokes

SimWorks by HOSHI

SimWorks by Nitto

Rhonda Stem

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EX Loader

Available in New Color

SimWorks by MKS

Taco Pedal

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【NEW】The Homage Green LTD Collection

SimWorks is pleased to announce the release of a couple of limited products showcasing our exclusive Homage Green anodizing – featured initially here in our iconic SimDrops from Nitto as well as the cages on our recently released ‘Taco Pedal’ from MKS.

These small batch ano offerings are a fun and rewarding way for us to mix up our inline color offerings for some of our core products, and in this case- it’s allowed us to tap in to a color that SimWorks has a strong connection with.....

【Sim Journal】Riding with Rie: Super Chill Bday Bikepacking Vol.1

~Celebrating the 1st timers~

Going to bikepacking with friends is the greatest way to celebrate a birthday, that’s also my desire/ wish.

This is the story of my birthday bikepacking in 2021. As I get older, time passes faster and faster, but I couldn’t help but share the story of this memorable first part of my birthday bikepacking in 2021.

Since this first event, the “Bikepacking Ride After the Bicycle Exhibition and Rie’s Birthday Ride” that I have planned has become an annual event at the request of the riders who participated in this first event.....


DOPPO by SimWorks

1) Going alone.
2) Working on something independently.
3) Nothing equal and superior to everything.

RAL x POBS x Russ Pope Capsule

RAL x POBS x Russ Pope - WB Loader

Bob Scales has owned and operated a line of (mostly) men's wear since 2010- eponomously calledProduct of Bob Scales, orPOBSas it's evolved to in acronymic shorthand.

RAL x POBS x Russ Pope - Bottle

A hydration solution from the RAL x POBS x Russ Pope Collection to style out your ride or take on the go. Featuring a cast of memorable characters in Russ' signature style. A touch of class. A pinch of irreverence. 

RAL x POBS x Russ Pope - Bandana

A simple piece bringing together the efforts of RAL, created alongside our friends and collaborators Bob Scales & Russ Pope, this handsome bandana is part of a capsule collection of goods celebrating that effort and the unique and recognizable artistic style of Russ, on a textile that Bob would surely approve of. 

Other Brands (Family & Friends)

SimWorks by nitto

Factory Visit to NITTO