We offer B-grade, blemished and outdated or discontinued items at value prices. 

Over time SimWorks acquires an inventory of blemished products that we wish to offer to our customers at discounted prices. These items have been inspected and meet our standards with regard to safety, but don't meet our high expectations and standards as far as being in a new, undamaged condition.

Often times as in the case of the Honjo fenders available in this collection, they may have been scratched or dented during shipping. In the case of handlebars, they are often scratched or there is a defect in the decal. Some of these items have been removed from packaging solely for display at trade shows, events, pop-up sales etc...

Conditions will vary, but we wanted to offer a discount price for all products meeting this criteria. All prices are firm, and all sales are final. For the most part, we don't offer wholesale/builder or EP pricing on these items. It is our commitment that the items within this collection will provide safe use to their end user, however no warranty claims will be honored with any of these products. Hurry!!

* We don't accept any claim. All outlet items are not eligible for return or exchange.