Sim Loaders

accompany you on your journey, wherever it may lead

Sim Loaders

SimWorks offering of a range of purpose built luggage for bringing your life with you on your bike- be it to travel across town or across time zones. 

Hand constructed here in Portland, OR of premium materials- these bags when used on their own or in conjunction with one another, open up limitless opportunities for venturing off the beaten path with your bike and bringing along all of your necessary solutions to adventure with confidence. 

Voyageur Handlebar Bag

SimWorks' new mid-capacity modern handlebar mounted carrier for cyclists packing modestly for a long-day adventure, or a light overnighter.

Chrysalis Saddle Bag

Striking a sweet spot between our En-Route compact saddle bag, and long-haul loaders you might find from other manufacturers is our 'Chrysalis' saddle bag.

En-Route Saddle Bag

A minimal but practical roll-top style saddle bag to bring along some essentials on your ride. Enough capacity for some tools, a lightweight layer, EDC items or some food.

Vagabond Full Frame Bag

Built to size for our Doppo line of bikes- the Vagabond full frame bags are an excellent and tailored way to expand the range of your Doppo.

Extra Rice & Beans Bag

A compact roll-top carrier seamlessly pairs with our minimalist Burrito Rack. Premium hardware by German outfit Fidlockfor the magnetic closure at the roll-top as well as the cinch-lock for quick access.

Cohiba Roll-Ups

A Durable stuff-sac style bag can find endless uses for cyclotourists both on and off-road. The Sim Loader Cohiba Roll-ups are a simple but practical way to add some capacity to your touring rig by mounting them to a cargo cage on your fork blades or to an accessory mount on a front or rear rack.

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