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This “Rod Steward” is a bag support designed for the handlebar bags produced by Sal in Portland, Oregon.

Sal is a parts maker, also a frame builder who pays close attention to even the smallest details which is expressed in her work.

The simpler installation method and lighter in weight which is not available with racks, makes your bike and bag look even more simple and clean. The bag supporter itself is also very beautiful.

We requested the custom length 11.25" crossbar to seamlessly attach our Voyageur Handlebar Bag. We also offer the 14" crossbar fits a larger handlebar bags.


Material:6061-T6 Aluminum
Made in Portland, Oregon

[Installation Instructions]

Please read and follow the recommendations in the installation guide in the links below. The PDF will also be linked to in your packaging.

Installation Instructions

You will need at least a 4mm hex wrench and 8mm open-end wrench to complete installation, but you may also want a way to trim the 3/8” rod to suit your bicycle once you’ve determined the optimal height. A hacksaw and a file will do just fine if you work carefully.

*This product cannot be used without the bag. Never ride a bicycle without using the bag with the Rod Steward installed.

*Not intended for use with carbon forks.

*This product is not a rack replacement! It’s designed to triangulate the hanging weight of the bag against your fork or frame in order to reduce movement over rough terrain, not to lift its full weight. If your bag does not have enough room to hang from the bars or saddle loops, then this accessory is not designed to work with it. In such a situation you should support the bag with a traditional rack.

*Designed for center eyelet mounting on wide clearance steel forks. A distance of 4.25 to 5.25 inches (approx. 108~133 mm) is required between the fork lateral eyelets.

*It is best mounted at a 45° angle to the steerer, so it may be necessary to cut the stays.

*Can be used on mid-seatstay braze-ons, but they are too wide for most road bike forks and cannot be used on rack strut eyelets (eyelets at the top of the seatstay)


Accessories are available separately, such as light mountsextra crossbars or clips, or spacers

Rod Stewart - Maggie May