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Much has been lost. What is lost can almost never be regained. Society and ecosystems tell us that. The same is true in the world of bicycles, the foundation of our lives.
The same applies to the world of bicycles, which forms the foundation of our lives. There was a time when it was natural for a neighbor to choose and weld pipes, creating bicycles for everyone's grandparents. And during the period when cycling began to be used as a hobby, Japan became the most important production base for bicycles. However, things have changed now. The center of production has shifted to other countries, and all ideas are mere imitations from abroad, with virtually no global competitiveness left.
When considering such problems, we have reached the underlying cause, which might be the immaturity of consumption and comprehension. If we had consumed products thoughtfully and understood what was lacking or excessive, and if we had produced things within reach and under the influence of our intentions, perhaps the present could have been different.
That's why I believe that the current situation requires us to understand these issues, and it marks the beginning of a challenge. The task of carefully filling the wide gap with our belief in bicycles as a means of transportation, guiding the essence and meaning of craftsmanship into the next era, is perhaps the most essential. This is the origin of SimWorks' concept, and it is something we hope many people will resonate with. It represents our heartfelt desire to communicate through products. We want to be true to our childlike honesty and genuine playfulness. This is the essence of being human and, I believe, a very genuine trait of us, bicycle riders.

SimWorks Overview:

SimWorks is engaged in providing services to bring to market excellent bicycle-related items and ideas suitable for the lifestyle of cyclists worldwide, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Given the nature of dealing with handmade and custom-order products, as well as proposing the creation of unique items, facilitating communication between creators, retailers, and users is also an important aspect of our work.

Through "monozukuri" (craftsmanship), the establishment of a "shop" as a public space, and the act of "riding bicycles," we are constantly seeking like-minded individuals who can help us spread and enjoy our ideas and philosophies.

Note: "Monozukuri" is a Japanese term referring to the art, craftsmanship, or spirit of manufacturing and creating things. The term "shop" here refers to a physical or online store.

About SimWorks WEB STORE :

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