Rover Socks - Super Chill

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Rover Socks - Super Chill Collection

Defeet Woolie Boolie of North Carolina, USA 

Material Construction: 39% Nylon / 29% Merino Wool / 29% Polyester / 3% Lycra

They're a great seasonal option for people just looking for a go-to casual sock that could certainly be worn on a bike ride, thrown on after a chilly day of surfing, or hanging out in camp or just strutting around town. Some quality merino blend socks are a great staple item that can always find a use in just about anyone's wardrobe. The colors are memorable- kind of leaning in to 70s retro vibes, they're a nice weight that we would probably characterize as 3-season. They're durable and made here in the States. The tops feature the Super Chill graphic from our good bud Nicholas Haig-Arack