SKU: F2623-VM-A-SW

Volummy Tire

$64.00 USD


SimWorks take on a classic 'file-tread" allrounder that excels on paved surfaces as well as packed gravel. A range of popular sizes provides a preferred footprint for a wide range of cycles and cyclists. Tubeless compatibility is yet another modern feature aimed at offering riders the ability to run their pressure slightly lower to minimize pinch flats, and increase contact patch and sidewall pliability for a more supple ride. After our initial gum-wall spec on this tire supplied riders with years of safe passage and durability, we've revised our specification to adopt a reinforced open-sidewall casing that will provide the next generation of Volummy riders with a tire that's more supple, and lighter in weight, while maintaining a necessary and dependable level of puncture resistance. 

Size Weight Bead
26 x 2.3" 525g Folding
27.5 x 1.75" 370g Folding
27.5 x 1.9"  510g Folding
700 x 28c 275g Folding
700 x 32c 295g Folding
700 x 38c 350g Folding

Color:Black x Peanut Butter & Solid Black Sidewall options available



※ For compatibility with the rim, please click HERE for the size compatibility chart, and be sure to use the rim size within the applicable range.

※ Be aware, especially with the tubeless type. We don't recommend for use with the low sidewall rims, hookless rims, or small bead hook rims.


【Safety Advisory】SimWorks by Panaracer Tire/Rim Compatibility concerns