Doppo 'Locust' Frame & Fork Set

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Our newly named "Grasshopper with Wings."

The naming of 'Locust' came from the icon with prehistoric wings that swarms and fills our grasslands, turning them into wastelands.

The overgrown singletrack paths that we love are a delicate part of nature, and if you tread on them without discretion, they'll quickly turn into nothing but wasteland. It's certainly fun to tread on rough terrain, but what if all of nature becomes a wasteland? It won't be so fun anymore.

There are steep mountains, forests with towering trees, and gullies with flowing streams. Sometimes there are craggy wastelands, and sometimes there are deserts covered in sand as far as the eye can see. Off-road riding evokes a ton of imagery and exposes us to an endless tapestry of interesting environments.

We rebranded the Doppo MTB as 'Locust' to promise our self-restraint, so as not to destroy such delicate environments, but also to symbolize the insect's fearlessness for thriving in unexplored areas.

Doppo 'Locust' is a model that defines and restructures many of the demands of current touring bike users on the 'Doppo MTB', and expands the size range to allow more cyclists to ride it.

Why did we change the name from 'Doppo MTB' to 'Doppo Locust'? The specifications of modern "M-T-Bs" are an ever-moving target and have become too segmented and specialized. There seems to be new models appearing one after another that make us feel a little tired and confused- wondering what this bike is actually for.

We don't want the models in the Doppo series to have names that create a segment and ask that you- the rider feel that their purpose is limited. Doppo is manufactured with the hope that it will be a competent tool for charting your own path without being hindered by questioning your equipment. The Doppo Locust is an ideal choice for confident and spirited off-road riding.

Efficient at climbing the mountainside as well as stable coming back down, the capacity for wide footprint rubber opens up new realms for exploration. Locust allows you to feel the elegant breath of nature ever so strongly.

Owing to tried and true geometry for off-road hard tail classics, Locust has neutral handling that is confidence inspiring in a broad range of terrain. Head angle is slack enough to let the bike run through chunder when pointed downhill, but steep enough that it's an efficient and pleasurable climber. Tubing specification leans toward durable, but pliable. Tange is known for producing outstanding tube sets for all-terrain bikes, and Locust is no exception. Boost spacing that will accommodate wide tires and a dropper port are modern bullet points that get checked for Locust's capabilities as a rugged off-roader. Cargo cage mounts on the fork blades and underside of the DT make 'Locust' a great choice for riders looking to build an off-roader that can adventure further off the beaten path and be out in the wild for days. A truly capable off-road allrounder whether loaded or unloaded, Locust is that tool for tapping in to that part of you that wants a versatile machine for exploring the natural world. 


  • Size : M , L , XL
  • Frame : Chromoly Tube(Tange no.3)
  • Fork : Doppo Original MTB(Offset 47mm / Axle to Crown: 465mm)
  • Head Size : Top ZS 44mm , Bottom EC 44mm
  • Brake Style : Front : IS Mount , Rear : Post 160mm mount
  • Max Tire Clearance : 27.5×2.8″ , 29×2.4″
  • Front Wheel Fix : 110x15mm Thru Axle
  • Rear Wheel Fix : 148x12mm Thru Axle
  • BB Shell : 73mm BSA Threaded
  • Component : MTB
  • Seatpost Diameter: 30.9mm
  • Seat Clamp Diameter: 35mm
  • Bottle Cage Mount :2
  • Cargo Cage Mount : 3(Fork x2 , Under DT x1)
  • Dropper Post : Stealth Dropper Port on Seat Tube
  • Recommend Suspension Stroke : 120mm
  • Color: Cosmic Lavender

Crafted by Shin Hattori in Aichi, Japan

As with the beloved Doppo ATB frame, the new Locust frames are produced by Shin Hattori, an accomplished builder based in Aichi prefecture. Shin has demonstrated his skill and care in each of these frames.

Built in small batch runs- each frame is mitered, milled and welded methodically, and then hand-finished to tight tolerances.

A well-designed frame crafted by an experienced and thoughtful frame builder can be the greatest companion when facing the task of "going alone"- whether in the mountains or on forgotten roads.


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