SKU: SW60-520B

To Smile Bar- Chipped clear coat

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Farther away.

Faces whose touring on a wasteland are severe, covered by dust deeply inside each their wrinkles. For whom? and for what purpose? Just in order to get an extra cold beer, they smile through the dust.

This new drop bar called ‘To Smile Bar’ is made for beloved and crazy riders for sure. Produced by NITTO as you may already know. We adopt 26.0mm for a bar center and it creates better durability even with 560mm width as a normal size.

Material :
Heat Treated Aluminium
Width : 520 & 560mm (center - center at ends)
Center diam. : 26.0mm
Bar diam. : 24mm
Reach : 100mm
Drop : 92mm
Color : Silver & Black
Attention : Skid proof and clear coating are applied as a final treatment on this item and the actual size is wider than the diameter on the each size description. Please be aware of the installation of the stem which has very severe inner diameter.