SKU: SW52-SSB-430B

Wonderer Bar

$110.00 USD

The new Wonderer remains compact in it's reach and drop, but now is available in wider options for modern cyclists looking to expand their grip and confidently pilot bikes with wider footprints. 

The compact cockpit allows you to quickly shift to a position that suits your riding situation. Excelling in subtle hand position changes, especially when you want to vary your grip position while minimizing changes in your upper body posture, Wonderer excels when the road surface conditions change quickly or unexpectedly- such as on gravel. The shallow reach also shortens the distance to the rider's controls, making it a bar that is easy to approach for riders with smaller frames.

Made in Japan by our esteemed partners at Nitto

High reliability, premium finish and comfortable handling.
We have added 470mm & 490mm options, which are wider than the previous model offering.

*All SimWorks by NITTO drop bars include new 'All Star Decal Kit 2' as an accessory. You can enjoy expressing yourself by applying them to your handlebars, stem or anywhere else that may suit you.


Material : Heat Treated Aluminum
Width : 430, 450, 470, 490mm (center - center at ends)
Center diam. : 31.8mm
Bar diam. : 24mm
Reach : 78mm
Drop : 128mm
Color : High Polished Silver & Gloss Black