Taco Pedal - LTD The Homage Green

$98.00 USD

Owing it's lovely hue to inspiration from our brand defining Green Homage Tires- we've run a limited batch of our formidable Taco pedals with these handsome green cages. They serve as an homage in their own right to the durable and serviceable cup and cone bearing components that were the industry standard of yesterday, and which still today provide a pleasant and familiar riding experience. Manufactured by the long standing pedal masters at Mikashima Industrial (MKS) - the Taco pedal will provide a lifetime of ample foot traction, stability and smooth operation - all offered up in our unique and exclusive SimWorks style.

SimWorks - Taco Pedals

Xtra-large platform (110x105mm) for stable pedaling
Replaceable high-grip studs
Easy-to-maintain cup-and-cone bearings
Production:  MKS Japan

Weight: 498g (pair)