Nekome Reflector

$5.00 USD $6.50


A subtle but effective means to add a layer of safety to your bicycle- the Nekome reflector can be easily installed and then forgotten about- while it serves it's humble purpose with style and ease. 

Intended as a practical addition to our Simworks by Honjo mudguards- the Nekome reflector marries form and function in a tiny, inexpensive package that complements the understated elegance of these classic aluminum fenders.

Available to us through CATEYE, Japan's most notorious manufacturer of bicycle lighting products- the Nekome reflector provides safety and practicality for days left out in the dark or the rain. 

*Installing this reflector requires drilling holes in the fender at the correct position, so it is recommended to consult a specialist shop or mechanic with technical knowledge. 


JIS standard compliant reflector
Color: plated body, black body
Size: W&H/46mm D/32.8mm
Recommended compatible angle: Approx. 35°