RAR Get Rad Be Radical Issue 02

$20.00 USD

Get Rad’s second issue, Making Space and Stepping Back, features 13 contributors creating space for BIPOC and trans, women, intersex, and gender non-conforming folks in the cycling and outdoors community. Contributors center on community building and organizing, prioritizing self and collective care and cultivating education and knowledge-sharing in the bike adventure community.

Details: Get Rad Be Radical issue 02, Making Space and Stepping Back. 120 pages + making space sticker. Publication size is 6” x 9”. Printed by Versa Press in East Peioria, Illinois. All proceeds go toward RAR programs - thank you for your support!


Contributors: Alej Perez, Christina Torres, Dia Hodnett, Frit Tam, Guarina Lopez, Jay Malena, Lauren Jones, Lazarus Letcher, Nkenna Onwuzuruoha, Jasmine Brooks, Shankaron Aden Elmi, Taiana Martinez, Tez De La Tierra


Creative Director & Editor: Molly Sugar



Text & Photos from Radical Adventure Riders