On The Road Rack

$258.00 USD


Good thing about a bicycle is that you can ride for shopping and also touring whenever you feel like. We wanted to make a carrier that will expand a capacity of your ride.

Chromium molybdenum steel tube which is the essential requisites of touring carrier is light, durable, and able to be fixed by welding when something happens on your trip. Craftsmen at NITTO created exactly what we asked for,  “A carrier with less tubes”, and moreover they completed this durable rear rack with less welding parts as well.

Chrome plating will provide you a better look as usual and give you an easier solution for re-painting. After pretreatment of nickel plating for black carrier, electrodeposition coating is done, so that it is considered that it won’t be corroded easier even though the black part comes off.

Material: 10mm CrMo Steel Tube
Weight: ave.778g
Max Loading: 5kg
Required Bolt Inserts: 15mm

・Chrome Plated 

・Black (Electrodeposition coating)


*An adjustment bolt is provided at the bottom part of the legs from this production, so that you are able to attach this carrier for various sizes of bike frame.

*The minimum insertion amount of adjustment bolt is 15mm.

*This item is a rear bag supporter, so please pay attention for your withstanding load.