Mowmow CrMo Bar

$82.00 USD


Sometimes even customers as unique as ours need staple products. 

We take a look at the world and hope to please the masses at times. We know that products are getting bolder and more specialized everyday, but sometimes you have to stick with the basics. Mommow CrMO riser bar is a bar that will stand the test of time.  A bar that will never be bent or broken even after putting it through years of abuse. We hope it's a bar that will find itself on a wide range of thoughtfully assembled bikes- all around the world.

Material : CRMO STEEL
Width : 700mm
Center diam. : 25.4mm
Bar diam. : 22.2mm
Rise : 38mm
Sweep : 9°(Back)
Color : Silver Dullbright / Chrome