Mowmow CrMo Bar



We need to know what people simply want. 

We take a look at the world roughly. We know that things are getting better and better everyday and sometimes we feel that we don’t have to push ourselves so hard on it to make a simple one we want. We imagine the coolest riser bar ever as light and durable as we can produce. A bar that will never be bent and broken even though a giant stepped on it, and moreover we think that we should make the best out of its thinner look. We think that this bar will fit any kind of on-off bicycles.

Mowmow bar was produced out of our pure thoughts. Of course made by NITTO. Bar center : 25.4mm / Rise : 38mm / Backsweep 9° / Whole length : 700mm. It is kind of short compared to recent bars, but it will fit absolutely almost all of our body types unless you were a giant. Its rigidity proves the best durability. Now, we would like to redefine the standard riser bar. 

Material : CRMO STEEL
Width : 700mm
Center diam. : 25.4mm
Bar diam. : 22.2mm
Rise : 38mm
Sweep : 9°(Back)
Color : Silver Dullbright / Chrome