MKS Bearing Cap Spanner

$5.00 USD

Mikashima Seisakusho has been making pedals since 1949 / MKS Pedal. It is still the only manufacturer that maintains production in Japan. From forging, pressing and cutting, heat treatment, barrel polishing, welding, and assembly, they carry out consistent industry standard production in-house. They are the only manufacturer in Japan that has received NJS certification, and each NJS certified product is hand-assembled. 

SimWorks is pleased to work with a domestic manufacturer that supports the feet of many cyclists regardless of pedal use- from commuters to touring bikes, track bikes and road bikes.

 *A special tool for removing the side caps of the SYLVAN series. By opening the cap using this proprietary spanner tool, you can grease and maintain the bearings inside the pedal shaft.

  • Length 108mm