HiHeyHello Magazine Issue 006

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At the intersection of adventure, sport, and creativity; HiHeyHello is a print magazine celebrating women’s outdoor culture. A new era of women are adventuring outside with a fresh attitude, new style, and the desire for increased inclusion and accessibility. No longer are we adhering to or tolerating outdated stereotypes of who and how we belong in the outdoors. 

The content includes adventure stories, profiles, coverage of food, gear, art, environmental & social issues, and outdoor culture. It covers outdoor experiences ranging from surfing to rock-climbing, snowboarding to bike-packing, mountaineering to backyard-hikes and everything in between. 


Issue 006:

The amazing covershot was created by a talented photographer, Jo Savage, who also shared a gallery of some of her favorite images. Stories in this issue include an interview with Seattle-based style icon, adventurer, and owner of Glasswing, Alisa Furoyama. She talks fashion, riding dirt bikes down the Baja Peninsula, and the importance of community. East coast diver, Chloe Ellison, shares the underwater wonder of the North Atlantic. Other features include an interview with Katie Burell, the funniest woman in the outdoors as well as Miranda Oakley, a professional climber who is recalibrating her life during a pregnancy and soon-to-be-title of mother. We also catch up with Lola Mignot and Karina Ozunko, two long boarders whose wanderlust keeps them traveling the globe in search of waves along with many others.

Cover photographed by Jo Savage