RAR Get Rad Be Radical Issue 001

$17.00 USD

Get Rad Be Radical is an annual publication by Radical Adventure Riders that changes the way women, trans, femme, and non-binary people are depicted and represented in the bicycle adventure community.

The first issue, It’s About Bikes, But Not About Bikes, creates a platform where everyone can see and experience what it means to be a FTWN-B person who shreds—featuring 20 contributors focused on themes discussed at the past WTF Bikexplorers Summits from 2018-2019. 

Personal stories include Izzy Sederbaum’s reflections on how shredding the patriarchy starts within and Río Oxas’ poetic expressions on how bicycles are meditation and medicine for your soul. Historical narratives include Tessa Hull’s research on WTF adventures from the early days of cycling and Kaitlyn Boyle’s primer about public lands. 

Practical how to’s include Sarah Swallow’s detailed notes on how to create a route from scratch, and WTF Mid-Atlantic’s structure on how to build an inclusive cycling group. In addition, Sam Scipio’s illustrated bikepacking pack list includes a takeaway for readers to use on their next bicycle trip.

Throughout the publication, interweaved are past and present programs from WTF BX to memorialize the FTWN-B cycling community and to usher the organization into its next chapter.  

Creative Director & Editor: Molly Sugar

Assistant Editor: Whitney Ford-Terry

Contributors: Alley/Ramon Reyes, Allison Clark, Angelica Casaverde, Danielle Parnes, Ester Song, Gritchelle Fallesgon, Izzy Sederbaum, Kailey Kornhauser, Kaitlyn Boyle, Kimberly Wiman, Kurt Refsnider, Mary Lytle, Patricia Casaverde, Rie Sawada, Río Oxas, Sam Scipio, Sarah Swallow, Sal, Tessa Hulls, Yaretzi Juarez Reyes 


*Get Rad Be Radical is about bikes, but not really about bikes. 112 pages + illustrated bikepacking pack list. Publication size is 6” x 9”. Shipping internationally and stockist locations are available.