HiHeyHello Magazine Issue 001

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At the intersection of adventure, sport, and creativity; HiHeyHello is a print magazine celebrating women’s outdoor culture. A new era of women are adventuring outside with a fresh attitude, new style, and the desire for increased inclusion and accessibility. No longer are we adhering to or tolerating outdated stereotypes of who and how we belong in the outdoors. 

The content includes adventure stories, profiles, coverage of food, gear, art, environmental & social issues, and outdoor culture. It covers outdoor experiences ranging from surfing to rock-climbing, snowboarding to bike-packing, mountaineering to backyard-hikes and everything in between. 


Issue 001:

Things get Strange with an interview with snowboarder Gabby Maiden. A first-time surfboard shaper shares her process, and artist Hannah Eddy talks about the sideways life, her creative tendencies, and her vegan cookbook.

Cover: Skier Ingrid Backstrom photographed by Anne Cleary.