Bubbly Pedal Ezy Superior

$148.00 USD


For those of us who have ever thought.... "I wish I could quickly and easily remove my pedals without a wrench ..."  Simworks by MKS offers an ingenious system offered initially here on our favorite Bubbly pedal. When traveling around, dealing with awkward or limited storage situations, or transporting a bike in, or on your vehicle. Want to park your bike outside the corner store for a few minutes, unlocked and eliminate the possibility of someone hopping on and pedaling off? Have a folding bike that requires pedal removal for fully collapsed storage? There are countless scenarios where it would just be nice to be able to ditch your pedals on the fly. Even with our large Bubbly pedal, the EZY system makes it easy to solve!

Offered with a handsome and convenient carrying pouch ♡

  • MKS EZY Superior System  -  Easy & reliable. After 20 years of continuous sales, the benchmark for removable pedal systems
  • Ultra-wide Concave Platform
    MKS boasts one of their largest platforms in history. The tread's concave shape naturally accepts a wide range of sole positioning for the rider. Move those feet around periodically throughout a long ride and watch some muscle groups thank you.  
  • Triple Sealed Bearing  Assembly
    Pedal spindle has increased sealed bearing support in three points to maximize rotational performance while minimizing stack height- reducing rotational resistance to the utmost. (Flawless and effortless pedal spin capabilities with no slop)
  • Chrome Plated Forged Spindle
    Cold-forged steel spindle with chrome-plated finish for precision and durability 


Size: 97 x 108 x 30mm
Weight: 392g (pair)
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Plate Material: Heat-treated Aluminum + Anodized
Spindle Material: Cold Forged Steel + Chrome Plated 


※ Do not dismantle the cartridge sealed bearings. These items are pre-adjusted and maintenance free.

※ Do not inject lubricant into cartridge sealed bearings. Lubrication fluid stimulates grease leakage and shortens the bearing lifespan.

※. The dust seal cap also functions as the bearing adjuster. If you loosen the cap, it may cause play and premature wear.