PAUL x SimWorks Bottle Opener Tool

$26.00 USD

A bottle opener on one end and a 15mm brake adjuster/rotor truing slot on the other makes this one handy tool. And it’s got a bottle opener. Machined in Chico, California from American aerospace 6061 aluminum.

We decided on a custom engraving for the back side of PAUL's beloved bottle opener tool that acts as an alphabet lesson in Katakana characters- or Japanese syllabary. The Japanese writing system is comprised of these Katakana characters, along with kanji, and hiragana. Katakana is typically used for what we might in English typically italicize- such as technical or scientific terms, the names of plants or animals, but also to convey an emphasis or an attempt at onomatopoeia. Within the field of engraving on the tool are both the katakana characters for SimWorks as well as Paul Components. The bottle opener is a cultural artifact to serve as a reminder that the dynamic culture surrounding bikes, and riding them transcends national or political boundaries, as well as languages or other barriers and constructs. To use a tool to adjust your brakes, or to open a bottle of beer after a ride and offer it to a friend are universals.