On The Road Rack

$258.00 USD



Whether you're setting off on a short ride to go shopping, or embarking on an extended tour - some capable rack foundations are critical for carrying your luggage with confidence and ease.  We wanted to make a carrier that would expand the capacity of your ride, and all but disappear while not in use.

Chromium molybdenum steel tubing is a gold standard for touring racks- as it is relatively light weight, durable, but also repairable if you encounter a mishap on your trip.  The legendary crafts people at NITTO created exactly what we asked for,  “A carrier with less tubes”, and moreover they completed this durable rear rack with less welded parts as well.

Chrome plating provides a timeless and handsome aesthetic. Black racks are first nickel plated for durability and piece of mind in corrosion resistance- should the black finish wear over time.

A fantastic and sensible rear carrier for a wide range of cycles- offering ease of installation, application, and countless foundations for smart carrying solutions.


Material: 10mm CrMo Steel Tube
Weight: avg. 778g
Max Loading: 5kg
Required Bolt Inserts: 15mm

・Chrome Plated 

・Black (Electrodeposition coating)


*An adjustable eyelet bolt is provided at the bottom segment of the legs (DenDen bolt), so that you are able to attach this carrier to various sizes of bike frames.

*The minimum insertion depth of adjustment bolt is 15mm.

*This item is a rear bag supporter, so please pay attention to your withstanding load.