◆My Aluminum gravel bike wears SimWorks Homage right now. Especially, I like the stable feeling when I ride through rainy day. However, I realize that I don’t ride on a rough road but a paved road for my commuting and thinking about getting SimWorks Volummy. How does running performance differ in 32C and 38C? Moreover, do you think there would be any differences between 32C and 38C on wet road?


When the tire gets thicker, then it naturally gains a contact area. The more contact area increases, the better ride on a rainy wet road. However, it also increase the number of grounding resistance value, so that 32C will be lighter and faster feeling.

Gripping and grounding feeling also depends on a tread pattern of a tire, so you may need to choose the best pattern on your daily ride. You said that you didn’t ride on a rough road when you commute, so Volummy will be the best tire for your ride.

Furthermore, contact area and riding feeling also largely relates to air pressure, so that you might also want to find your best air pressure value for your ideal setting.

In addition, thicker tire gains not only its width, but also its outer diameter and it means that running performance will be increased when you have a bigger outer diameter. Your ride height also gets higher, and your handling also will be different as well (Sine the trail also changes). These several millimeters difference is very subtle, but you feel a lot compare to that. This is how you enjoy customizing your bicycle we believe.

Of course, the appearance is also very important. If you like thicker tire looks like The Homage, then 38C Volummy will be the best. (Personally, if your frame are made for thicker tire, then let it be!) This tire has big air volume and very smooth riding. Please tubeless one as well. It’s much better and exquisite!!!

◆Can I use The Homage tire as a tubeless?


This is a very delicate question and we might say, “In some cases, you can use this tire as a tubeless”.

We got an official answer from Panaracer saying, “We can’t state that The Homage tire can be tubeless compatible”. They didn’t design this tire as a tubeless, but somehow they also answer that we can use this tire as a tubeless without guarantee.

In fact, there are some cases that we were able to make The Homage tire to a tubeless tire by adding more sealant than regulated amount.

In order to make it to a tubeless tire, we have to make sure that not only tire, but also rim, rim tapes, bulb, sealant are all functional without any problems. Before you touch anything, you need to understand the principles and its structure perfectly, but this challenge is also a real pleasure of customizing a bicycle as well. On your own responsibility, you might want to try this.