◆Can I use Anna Lee Stem with a carbon fork column? The length of the column on the headset is 43mm, and is this enough?


Yes, you can use it with a carbon fork column without any problems.

Please follow the maximum torque which fork indicates and be aware of damaging itself by overtorque.

A fork column is supposed to be inserted 68mm and above into a stem.

This stem is designed to place a clamp bolt under the extension, and the look from a rider shows very simple and beautiful line. However, we had to make a split under the extension where a load is applied in order to make a beautiful appearance, so that the length of the steering column to insert is too short, then it will cause to break it down easier and faster. So, you have to insert the enough length of a steering column to the upper part of a column clamp sufficiently, otherwise NITTO will not allow you to use this stem.

Moreover, you can’t use this stem with a sim tube to 1” fork column.


◆I’m thinking to purchase BEATNIK POST and 250mm will be the best, but I heard that you don’t produce it anymore, so I have an alternative plan that I like to cut 300mm post. What is the maximum length I am able to cut?


BEATNIK POST is supposed to be inserted at least 65mm into a seat tube. As long as you keep this length, you may cut whatever length you need. However, when you cut off the post, it will be considered as “modification”, which means you won’t be able to receive a product warranty. Please consider it before you take an action.


◆How much do I have to torque the upper clamp of BEATNIK POST? I torque with 8Nm because it feels wrong if I tighten up too much, but it moves over a little when I ride enough.


A designated tightening torque at the upper clamp of BEATNIK POST is 16Nm ~ 18Nm.


◆I was looking for MTB stem and I landed on your webshop. I have a quick question about the angle of Caroline Stem. Do you have 90°(0°) or 5° setting? If not, Can I order a custom one?


First of all, Caroline Stem and Anna Lee Stem have both endurance for Cross biking, but not for Mountain biking. We would rather recommend you Rhonda Stem which has 4 bolts on a handle bar clamp. One bolt appearance looks very simple and cool, but it is totally weaker than 4 bolts one. Caroline and Anna Lee Stem are not for off-road racing such as Cyclocross and others.

Also, this stem has a set up only for 80° and unfortunately we can’t provide you any custom one.


◆I was looking for a black thread stem and I found this item here. I would like to know about the top cap of Gettin’ Hungry Stem-Tomato. Do I only choose red if I like to buy this Tomato Stem?


It depends on its handle clamp diameter. Tomato Stem (75°/26.0mm) mainly for a road racer has a passionated red, and Lettuce Stem (90°/25.4mm) has an image of Mother Nature green. If you really need to change the color, then we sell the top cap separately.


◆Can you tell me the post length of Gettin’ Hungry Stem? Also, can you tell me the post length when I insert the stem to a limit line?


The post length of Gettin’ Hungry Stem from top to the bottom is about 150mm. A limit line is about 70mm from the bottom, so the upper part should be about 80mm.


◆Your stem angle has 80° and 100°, but I have no idea the differences between even though I looked into it online. I like to make my cockpit/a handle bar position higher and please tell me what to choose.


A stem angle means that how many degrees the angle has between steering column and a stem extension.

All of these SimWorks by NITTO stems are able to use upside down: Rhonda Stem and Dirty Rhonda Stem (31.8mm), Tomboy Stem (25.4mm), and Wendy Stem (26.0mm).

These stems are leaning at 10 degrees from a right angle of steering column, so that if you attach these stems downward, then it has 80 degrees, but if you put it upward, then it has 100 degrees. Also, when you are going to attach these stems on your bike, you are able to inver the faceplate in order to make logo looks perfect.


◆Can I purchase only one handle bar clamp bolt of TOMBOY Stem?


Yes, you can get your NITTO stem spare bolt from here.


◆I’m thinking to use Caroline Stem with a full carbon front fork and handle bar, and wondering if they are compatible with a carbon column and a handle bar?


A compatibility of Caroline Stem and all carbon parts doesn’t have any problems. However, all carbon components are very delicate so that you need to keep a proper tightening torque which carbon components indicate.

In addition, not just only our products, but if you ride on a bumpy terrain like Cyclocrossing, even though you tighten up the highest torque on your handle bar, still it might loosen it. Please be careful about it.


◆About a handle bar width of WILDE HONEY BAR, the description shows its bar end width, but I would like to know the bar width of bracket parts. (a difference between


A difference between a bar end width (width A) and the top part of the drop  (width C) is about -70mm, and the middle part of the drop (width B) is about -40mm. These numbers are calculated from center to center part.




◆Please tell me the stack height of SimWorks Stem.


Rhonda, Dirty Rhonda, Caroline Stem has 42mm stack height.

Tomboy, Wendy Stem has 40mm stack height.

Anna Lee, Anna Lee S Stem has 72mm stack height.


◆Is it possible to attach Potluck Rack and On The Road to 20inches (406) minivelo? If so, does it look ugly by having a big gap between tires and these racks? My bike is Bruno Ventura having cantilever brakes.


Whether it is possible or not, we have to see the actual frame so we can’t say anything right now. The best way will be to visit the bicycle shops which have mechanics and are good at customizing.

Please call us or ask about your questions to your nearest SimWorks Dealers.

For your reference, we searched your frame online. We see the eyelets on its front fork and rear end. (It differs in a year’s type and lot number, so this is only a guide for your reference) It is possible to use these eyelets in order to attach these racks, but these are for fenders, so you need to examine how strong it is to attach racks on it.

Our racks are designed to attach for 26”~700c size bicycle, so that you might need to exchange Connection Rod to longer one when you attach the rack onto the cantilever brakes pedestal.

We can’t say anything about how it looks. You need to judge the appearance by yourself after assembling all.

We are pretty much sure that there will be a huge gap between tires, but it is also important to have it functional not only thinking of its appearance.