◆I’m currently assembling SEVEN 650b size bicycle and thinking about using WTB BYWAY tire. Which fender will be the best? I would like to know exactly the best fitting fender for my bike. Also, if I can choose brass or titian, then please let me know about it, too.


The best fender for your bike will be Smooth 62 for sure.

We are going to show you some fitting samples down here below:




◆I often see 650b plus bikes with Honjo Fenders around and then I started feeling like having it with my KONA UNIT (2017). Do you have any recommendation? I like black one.


It depends on what kind of tire you wear.

Flat 65 is the thickest one in our lineups, but the maximum size will be 55mm for this fender. Don’t you have much thicker tire on your KONA UNIT?

 Moreover, KONA UNIT is not designed to attach any fenders, which doesn’t mean you can’t, but you need a skill and experience to customize your bike frame for the fender.

 So, we can recommend you to visit one of your reliable bike shop in your city. Maybe, we can introduce you to one of ours?


“Thank you. I think I’m going to my friend’s bike shop. I use 70mm width tire, but I guarantee that they can solve this problem.”

From Germany.



◆I’m looking for a fender for BROMPTON bike and it seems like I like to get Honjo Fender. Is it available at SimWorks?


Unfortunately, we don’t carry a fender for BROMPTON in our lineups. Furthermore, we can’t accept a custom order. Please understand this.

BRAMPTON has a complicated structure and one of the craftsmen at Honjo factory told us that it was hard to produce the perfect one. We really hope there might be some stocks somewhere in Japan.

Also, Honjo company doesn’t sell their products directly to the customers, so if you still need Honjo Fender, then please contact our SimWorks dealers.


◆I have 27” Sportif and wonder if you have a fender for 27” bicycle? Do you think any of Honjo Fenders are compatible with 27”?


Our Honjo Fender is for 26”(650B/R=355mm) and 700c(R=358). You will need 365mm diameter for 27”, so we don’t think we carry one like that.

There is a case that you might need to reform a little bit to attach our fender to anyone’s bike, but we don’t think it will be a smart idea to use 700c for 27”. A difference of the diameter is only 14mm, but 14mm is a lot for our understanding. Basically, there would be no compatibility for 27” so far.


◆I’m ordering GIOS cross bike PURE FLAT (2015) and considering to get your Smooth 41. Is it possible? Also, do I need any things besides standard stay kit? (I think I am able to bore a hole by myself.)


First of all, for this kind of question, we have to answer, “We don’t know unless we try” even though to any bicycles basically. We have a circumstance that we can’t organize the proper and correct information toward any products of other brands. We also think that even if you contact to GIOS and Honjo company, they will answer the same way.

Personally, my own opinion for this, I expect you can attach this fender to your bike. I just checked some photos online and I confirmed that your bike seems having eyelets for the stay, so that as long as you bore a hole perfectly then you can attach this fender with our standard stays and clasps.

However, you use TEKTRO short arm V brake and this might interfere a fender. I’m not 100% sure about this, but you might need to change the brake to others. Ultimately, we can’t say anything about it until we see the bike you ride in reality since the specifications of details can be changed without notice regardless of its small or big brand.

The best way will be you bring your bike to the bike shop which is very good at customizing bike such as attaching fenders mostly and let mechanics say anything that they must. If you visit one of our dealers, then they can order any fenders you like. Please find your nearest SimWorks dealers and contact them first of all.