SKU: SW28-80B

Gettin’ Hungry Stem - Tomato

$102.00 USD


A simple but strong and worthy quill style stem constructed from Chromoly. Single Bolt bar clamp offers a minimal look. A quill stems ease of adjustability is it's hallmark- as you can make height adjustments on the fly. The Chromoly material offers some dampening to help buff out some ride chatter, and give your hands and wrists a break. Gettin' Hungry's minimal design aesthetic is arrived at by stripping away all superfluous elements - a Nitto classic in true form.


Gettin' Hungry Stem – Tomato (SW28 / Red Cap)
Material : CrMo Steel
Extension : 80 ~ 120mm
Angle : 75 deg.
Bar Clamp : 26.0mm
Post diam. : 22.2mm
Color : Silver & Black