Human Mushroom Patch

$6.00 USD

Embroidered Patch featuring the 'Mushroom Man' graphic from our good bud Nicholas Haig-Arack.

..."Sometimes you feel like you’re an alien on your home planet. But you’re not separate from nature; you’re made of all the same stuff as every other creature here on Mother Earth. Underneath this layer of technology, you’re still an earthling! "

Nicholas Haig-Arack- our colleague and collaborator from Santa Rosa is one of SimWorks' great ambassadors- a close friend whose love for bicycles, nature and art shines through in all facets of his life. As a response to the unprecedented mushroom boom that has suddenly gripped SimWorks, we asked him to put a mushroom-like world on a canvas and to the page.

>>>>> Story of Human Mushroom Bottle <<<<<

A humble reminder that all things are connected

Approx.  67mm diameter

Made by Falls Creek Outfitters