SimWorks by Nissen

People pursue only better performance so that we actually leave something important behind in any industries. Furthermore, we should not forget that we all realize that Japan made doesn’t mean anything anymore in these days. It is embarrassing to admit, but we didn’t know the existence of Nissen Cable until a few years ago, but we are quite sure that we are supposed to work together because our passion and theirs are resonant with each other in order to shape and form what users need, how we can make thing the best, even though we are a small company.

Nissen Cable used to make springs of weaving machines when they started business, but after that, they took part in producing and selling bicycle brake wire, and it has been 70 years since then. They pursue the importance of users’ demands more than making their products just better, and as a result, they reached to a flexibility and diversity.

Recently, a cable handling tends to be tighter than ever along with high performance gear shift system, but a special feature of Nissen outer cable is its flexibility, and it doesn’t force to the inner cable excessively so that it becomes much easier to assemble and less stress of handling.

This part doesn’t have a spot light at all, but you use this part frequently and you will know the differences when it’s changed. Please have an experience of high quality inner and outer cable which are created by their deep empirical values.