Peregrine Spokes 14-15 Single Butted


SimWorks' purely domestic original spokes are requested from Hoshi Spoke, the last spoke manufacturer in Japan and the only manufacturer that has NJS approval.

The base of this Peregrine Spoke is a wing star spoke that has greatly improved material properties such as breaking strength by applying a unique special processing to the carefully selected stainless steel material (SUS304). The specially processed finish changes the color on the surface, creating a unique golden wing star spoke with a hardness that sets it apart from ordinary stainless silver, and a depth and elegance that is a bit different.

The biggest problem with stainless spokes, which Hoshi Kogyo is proud of, which can be assembled harder than Star Bright, is the breakage of the spoke neck caused by increasing the tension.

It was generally accepted that the responsive and stiff wheels that many people demand come at the expense of durability at the cost of their hardness. Compared to the highly rigid carbon rims that are expanding the market, wheels that become stiffer and more rigid like bottomless are not the best for everyone, and hard rims are fitted with moderately flexible spokes. By doing so, the running quality and durability will improve. Wingstar spokes are flexible yet solid core spokes, just like high-quality al dente pasta, and can be said to be the best spokes aimed at achieving both running and durability that cyclists demand.

For those who use bicycles as a means of transportation such as touring and daily commuting, the 14G straight wing star and the single butted wing star spokes whose thickness changes to 14-15G are the features mentioned above. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a new standard spoke for assembling a wheel that is lightweight, has a firm reaction performance, and is durable by making full use of the above and combining it with a high quality rim.

* Unlike the standard spokes of the stars, the size of the nipple is 3.2mm (world standard size) so that it can be repaired wherever you go.

* Black nipple is included.

Made in Japan

Sales unit: 72
Length: 310mm (spoke cut required)
Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)
Weight: 7.6g (plain | 310mm | 1 piece)
6g (single butt | 310mm | 1)
Color: Wing Star Gold **
Size: 14G Plain & 14-15G Single Battet
Nipple: Comes with world standard 3.2mm brass nipple (black)

** Due to special processing, the color may change slightly depending on the production lot.


Please contact your local shop/Simworks dealer or wheel building specialist to inquire about sourcing Simworks by Hoshi spokes and having them cut to length/threaded and spec'd for your next wheel set to provide years of quality service and a memorable quality to your ride