SKU: H95-275N-K

Flat 65 Black

$189.00 USD



For many cyclists who travel the world, a wide ATB flat fender that spares some space for side knobs on their tires has been a recurring request....With the Flat 65, it's one we've obliged. 

As you can tell from its name, it has a flatter profile and a carefully crafted arch. When we look at the wide array of bicycle fender offerings, all are arch shaped, but if you attach this Flat 65, that flat shape looks fresh and perfectly modern; not only covering up your wide tire with some room to spare, but also offering great coverage for off-road bikes while appearing minimalist. 

*Includes Front & Rear fender & Standard Mounting Kit.

Wheel Size : 29", 27.5"

Max Tire Size (Estimate) :
U Stay : 5mm diam.


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