Papersky x SimWorks Traveler's Tenugui

$16.00 USD

SimWorks | Travel Towel 

With this super loving collaboration between SimWorks and Papersky we wanted to do what both of these brands do best: That is mix a bit of Japan with a bit of the USA and bicycle it up! 

This 'Tenugui' hand towel for travelers and daily use is in our eyes the ultimate travel gear for all of your explorations whether it be a short neighborhood jaunt or a long cross continent haul. In addition to serving as a quick-drying towel ‘Tenugui’s, traditional Japanese hand dyed and meticulously woven, are used for a variety of purposes: they can be wrapped into a small bag, headband and scarf: the ‘Tenugui’ additionally is used to wrap food as well as a compact and light way to carry clothing and tools. 

The design is meant to depict a nice downpour of rain soaking the verdant green hills of SimWorks home in the USA: Portland, Oregon. 

Made in Japan [Chusen by KAMAUANU]

Size :33cm × 90cm

Material : Cotton 100%

How to use Tenugui towel, read a story HERE

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