Randi Jo Fabrications x SimWorks Biggest MUT

$80.00 USD


The Biggest Multi Use Tote is a largest version of Randi Jo Fabrications' original M.U.T. bag. The bag is effectvely a large stuff-sac with a roll top so the capacity can be trimmed or expanded to your liking. It's designed to work well with SimWorks Burrito Rack and 15" Thunder Straps, but the bag is likely highly adaptable for use with a wide array of racks and supports.

Handmade in Elkton, Oregon

*Quantities are limited 

*Straps are NOT included


  • Roll top with buckle fastener
  • Foam insulated
  • Dimensions: L40mm × D190mm x H110mm (Open)
  • Weight: 95g (without straps)


  • 10.10 oz. waxed canvas
  • Durable diamond ripstop lining 
  • Foam insulated 


Are these bags waterproof? 

In a word, no, but this waxed canvas is impregnated with Martexin wax at it's inception and with it's nice tight weave, paired with the bag's Diamond Ripstop lining you can rest assured that the bag will keep you sensitive cargo safe from the elements. Sorting out a rain cover might be advised for being out for extended time in torrential rain situations.

Can I rewax?

Yes, we recommend either Martexin wax or Otter Wax, but there are other options.  Also, hit up the Google with 'How to rewax waxed canvas' and there are tutorials on how to do it; wax and heat is the gist of it.  Not too difficult and it brings that lustre finish back.