Burrito Rack

$200.00 USD


Our new rear bag support is a highly adaptable compact carrier produced by our partners at Nitto. Able to be mounted on a wide range of cycles, the Burrito rack is a suitable way to carry a compact load, whether as a support for a bag attached to your saddle, or as a standalone rack that a small bag, stuff sac, or sleep roll could be attached to. The rack's decking is constructed of tubular chromoly.

The adjustable struts can be eyelet mounted or you can use the included band clamps to secure the rack to your bike's seat stays. A seatpost clamp provides the third necessary attachment point. Nitto recommends using the clamp with seatposts between 26.8mm and 27.2mm. This range could potentially be expanded to larger posts with longer hardware. Studs on the underside of the rack could serve as an anchor point for a strap or lashing. Fit, finish, and hardware are all classic Nitto top shelf specification.

We had a small batch of purpose-built bags to mount seamlessly on these racks. Check out the Extra Rice & Beans Bags here....

* Minimum clearance between top of rear tire and seatpost clamp position: 12cm

Chromoly Construction

Trim to length aluminum struts

Stainless Hardware
Load Capacity: 10kg

Weight: 410g 
Production:  Nitto Japan
Finish option: Chrome / Black Plating