Nitto Front Bag Supporter F-019AA

$120.00 USD


The NITTO Front Bag Supporter is a front bag supporter that allows you to freely adjust the angle of the arm using two clamps.

It is an item that allows you to attach the front bag to the handlebars simply and intuitively, and the bag does not shake much when riding, so you can take out your camera or energy bar as you like.

By inserting the bag into the support arm and attaching the included washer and button bolt to the tip, it is also equipped with a function that prevents the bag from falling off even if it is subjected to vibrations while riding or on bumps. Install this button bolt with 4-6N.m.

[Install Tips]

The mounting part of the handlebar body is compatible with an outer diameter of Φ31.8mm. If you use a shim or other tool to install it on a diameter smaller than that, it may shift during use, causing the fixing bolt to loosen or lead to damage.

The load capacity of the front bag supporter is 5.0kg when supported in combination with a front carrier or bag supporter, and 1.0kg without assistance.

When attaching to the handlebar, tighten the bolts to 4-6 N.m so that the clearance between the clamp adapter body and the lid is distributed equally front and rear.


Material: Aluminum
Clamp Body: Aluminum
Finish Anodized Stealth Grey, Polished
Handlebar clamp diameter 31.8mm
Handlebar clamp width 14.0mm (one side)
Support Arm width 250mm
Extension Length 165mm
Weight 380g
Included Accessories Washerー Φ12mm x2
Washerー Φ16mm x2
End bolt M5 x 10mm x2
Recommended Bags: Randi Jo Fabrications x SimWorks Muscovy Bag
OSTRICH F628, F525

Made by NITTO Japan
*Not recommended with carbon handlebars