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Condor Spokes 14 Straight Gauge

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14 gauge non-butted spokes based on Hoshi's Star Bright model.
The nipple adopts the 3.2mm size- an industry standard for wheelbuilders

It is supple while offering tenacious strength- suitable for wheels that emphasize durability such as touring cycles.

Hoshi is Japan's only purely domestic spoke manufacturer. Their Star Bright spokes are the only NJS-approved product.
It boasts the ability to receive the strong leg strength of a bicycle racer and convert it into propulsion, and the high durability that protects the athlete from accidents caused by breakage.

* Brass nipples of the same color are included.

72pcs / set

Spoke Material : SUS430 Stainless
Spoke Type : 14 straight gauge
Spoke Length : 310mm
Spoke Weight : 7.4g / pc

Spoke Color : Silver, Black
Nipple Material : Brass
Nipple Size : 3.2mm
Nipple Color : Silver (Chrome Plated), Black (Black Nickel Plated)


** please contact your local shop/Simworks dealer or wheel building specialist to inquire about sourcing Simworks by Hoshi spokes and having them cut to length/threaded and spec'd for your next wheel set to provide years of quality service and a memorable quality to your ride