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Turtle 63 Black

$160.00 USD


The journey goes on and on. The solitary presence that harmonizes with the aesthetics of tourers is carefully shaped one by one with the proven technology unique to Honjo Koken. The best form and function for your touring.

This hammered mudguard crafted by Honjo Koken, which is famous among cyclists around the world for its beautiful tortoiseshell pattern. The method is confidential and not even SimWorks has full access to it. We are impressed by the persuasive power that only genuine products produced by master craftsmen who transcend the times have.

Front and rear set. Comes with standard mounting hardware.


Honjo fit and installation considerations

Honjo Installation tips
Fender Fatigue Advisory



Wheel Size : 650b, 700c
Max Tire Size (Estimate) :
- 50mm
U Stay : 5mm diam.