SimWorks by Panaracer The Homage

ATB, it is an All Terrain Bike which can take you to anywhere you want.
As your heart tells you where to go, to the south and north, to the sea and mountain, climbing up and down.

Not only the pavement road, but also riding on a lot of different grounds. Our country doesn’t have a high ratio of pavement road like in the Europe, but the quality is way much better. As you know, it is ‘made in Japan’. Such a beautiful blacktop road is everywhere in Japan.

Because the bike moves very lightly, sometimes we are thinking of ‘efficiency’ somehow when we are on a beautiful pavement road. Using a limited resources nicely, and faster and farther away.

Our brain is not used to think of ‘Cadence’ and ‘Rolling resistance’ like a competitor does, however we used to climb up the steep stairs of economy at full speed a while go and now all the roads are maintained perfectly and literally we became one of the advanced country in the world. In order to pursue those ‘efficiency’, people might have sacrificed and made a sad history behind and probably there might be something under this beautiful blacktop road as well. We are also afraid of being cursed by god because of this amazing and convenient roads we are riding on. Thinking about history and also feeling something about this road makes us more like ‘sideway stance tribe’… like skateboarders think of the street section, surfers love the waves absolutely, and snowboarders feel the powders on a mountainside.

Right now, people are saying that we are able go anywhere we want. However, thinking of ages ago, people walk on unpaved roads with their horses and selling medicines on their way and probably thinking of a girl at a tea house and they all were not in hurry and able to travel around Japan with only on straw sandals, haha, laugh at me if you want, but as you know already that even we ride ahead with some speed like no other could in those days, there would be an ending of the roads as well as they did have long time ago. Same as they did, we are also thinking of something about a cape ahead or even cute girls we meet on the way. We just ride ahead just like everyone did in old times.

We hear something or someone calling us far from behind this huge forest. Mysterious sweet smell is coming from rather dark trees. Is this a trap?

It might be danger to go through.
However, adventurous off-roaders will never look behind. We get off the pavement road and face forever toward deep and dark forest.

I can’t talk about fighting a gigantic centipede right now since I have more important things to talk about, since going trough ‘sucide forest’ and toward ‘volcano’ is much more dangerous than just a long weird stupid bug.

A mushroom says, “hello” from the ground through fallen leaves and it is very much amazing nature that you don’t get to see easily. Is this fog? or clouds? We are up on a high altitude surrounded by volcano rocks. We ride ahead thinking that the earth is one of the planets of the solar system, like saying through my mouth, “what a world we live on”. Yeah, the universe is very dynamic as you know, and our life is just like miracle thing ever happened… We are not crazy, the earth is crazy.

Sorry, I talk about adventurous ride too much so far, so I am going back to tell you how comfortable it is to wear ATB tire, which is tough and has bigger capacity for riding everywhere. I said, capacity, and it means ‘compatible with everywhere’ like I said above.

These tires will never get to choose where we must go. Especially, this tire right here… A new comer THE BROWN SIDE HOMAGE, same casing as Gravel King series, the flagship of Panaracer brand.

Adopted ‘anti flat casing’, we are able to prevent side cutting and pinch flat for sure and even on these volcano rocks which have sharp tops on. If you don’t know what’s ahead, then this could be the best option ever you can find on earth.

ATB (All Terrain Bike), in the case of music, it is more like fusion music and feels unstable, but its value is way beyond its style so that it becomes very pure and in principle.

To the place you’ve never been and seen, take some notes on your map and go forward and forward. I think everyone comes back to the level of just having fun with their bikes purely. I made sure about this when I saw their smiles on their touring on the nature.

Let’s go on a new adventure that you’ve never done before with THE HOMAGE tire!!!

Toyoshige Ikeyama
Rie Sawada
John Watson

November 28, 2017 — Sim Works