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Tabby Light

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RAL HOSE is the sock that you cannot help wearing in any situations: for commuting, riding, running camp, trekking and all other outdoor activities. We produce this sock to provide you its comfort and support your everyday life.

Tabby Light is the thin Tabi-style (a traditional Japanese style) sock wearable throughout the year and merino wool is used as a main fabric. We provide you hygroscopicity and deodorization which are characteristics of wool fabric and scarcely getting stuffy even in summer. Not only good for cycling, but also they are active in running and trekking as well. Moreover, we usually sweat excessively while wearing socks everyday life, so that you might want to try it out just to spend your day comfortably.

You can wear it with any shoes of course and also a thong sandal such as Bedrock Sandals and Luna Sandal. It will take care of your sweat out of your sole so that you can have your day without any stress. We also give you more comfort right between your thumb and forefinger. 
Instep part has a webbing structure and breathes well, but from fingertip to thenar, it’s reinforced by extra thread in order to increase durability. Therefore, it becomes a flat knitting.
It covers an ankle and able to spend a hot summer time comfortably. 


S (23-24.5 cm), (Men 7 & under)

M (25-27 cm), (Men 7.5-9)

L (27.5-29.5 cm), (Men 9.5-11.5)

XL (30-cm), (Men 12+)
【MATERIAL】Merino Wool 76%, Polyester 17%, Nylon 5%, Polyurethane 2%