Yawaraka Atama Long Sleeve T shirt

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Imagine one day you're wearing your plush, pliable brain T-shirt. For example, it's lunch time and the store or cafe is a little crowded. Maybe you're in line for just a few moments.

If the person behind you, who is killing the same time by gazing at their smartphone, notices the word "START / GOAL" on your back and whimsically follows this brain maze....then mission accomplished. A brief distraction in our day.

You can go through the maze and finish as you normally would, or you can go directly from the start to the goal without going through the maze. There's no rules to be followed.

Both ways are an option. Whether you're "right-brained" or "left-brained". Maybe  there are more ways!? It is important to keep our brains pliable. Wouldn't you say?

Screen print of handrails by Daisy Print Works!



・Cotton - 100%
・Printed on Comfort Colors shirts at Daisy Print Works in Nagoya, Japan



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※ There are some individual differences due to shrinkage during dyeing.
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