Sim Drops - LTD The Homage Green

$33.00 USD


SimWorks is fortunate to focus on the small details at times. These handsome polished aluminum handlebar plugs are made for us by our esteemed partners at Nitto. They're laser marked with the SimWorks name and slogan, and add a touch of class to any bike build that doesn't skimp on the finer details. A good set of bar plugs adds a touch of safety to your handlebar ends as well.

This batch of Limited Sim Drops was anodized to match our Homage Green tires- that have become a clear identifier of SimWorks brand and style for over 10 years now. That iconic hue is one we hold close. It's a flattering way to dress up your favorite bike.

SimDrops 22 for 22mm diam. Flat handlebars.
Material : Aluminum
Bar inside : 15.5~17mm


SimDrops 24 for 24mm diam. Drop handlebars.
Material : Aluminum
Bar inside : 20~22mm