RAL Tabby Sport

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Brand: RAL

Our Tabi-style socks, Tabby, are made based on the idea that socks for connecting feet to shoes and sandals are an integral part of a sensible wardrobe. For those of us that spend long days on and off our feet in a variety of spaces- the Tabi-style socks provide comfort, support, and regulate temperature well. 

Available now in a 'Sport' version that is lighter in weight than our standard Tabby socks- this version will help keep your feet supported but cooler on warm summer days. 

Reinforced in the full toe-box, heel cup and across the width of the front ball of the foot- the Tabby 'Sports' don't skimp on quality construction that is durable and form-fitting

This new Tabby Sport uses cotton and acrylic blended yarn as the main fabric to improve breathability and dry times. You will experience its comfort not only after strenuous exercise but also during work and play. In addition, this fabric, which has excellent moisture absorption, has a very soft texture and has been given a natural antibacterial and deodorant finish (Ron Fresh®) to suppress the odor generated from sweat. 

This blend of materials also help keep the socks in place during active use- whether cycling, hiking, or just walking about town or work- the Tabby socks won't bunch or roll down on your calf or shift on your feet.

Functionality to spend summer comfortably

Shapes for various activities

Not only for cycling, but also for sports such as trail running and skateboarding that require more active movement, it is shaped so that you can feel a more secure fit.

And by adopting a unique manufacturing method that wraps the heel from the ankle, it firmly supports the ankle and prevents the heel from slipping.

The separate big toe has ample depth so as not to create an awkward bunch of fabric between your big and second toes. 

Excellent cushioning for a comfortable day

Since the sole is knitted by a method called tuck knitting, it fits firmly on the sole of the foot, supports the force of firmly stepping on the ground, and also has cushioning performance due to the pile structure. Its excellent cushioning properties reduce the strain on the soles of your feet during activities such as running and trekking as well as the strains of daily life.

Available in an attractive array of color options, the Tabby Sports are a classic throwback style with all the trimmings of today's finest foot hosiery. 

They're a "shoe-in" for casual cyclists, intrepid trekkers, and surly bike mechanics alike.

......or fans of the Oakland Athletics, Chicago Bears or Québec Nordiques.

......or folks adopting that vibe they got off their crushable high school phys-ed teacher.

Whatever your pleasure. Whatever your flavor- Tabby Sport 

S (23-24.5 cm), M (25-27 cm), L (27.5-29.5 cm), XL (30-cm)

Cotton 31%, Acrylic 31%, Polyester 23%, Nylon 11%, Polyurethane 4%

Japan, Nara