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RAL Tabby Long

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RAL - 'Tabby Long', the 3-season, higher-cuff cousin to our other Tabby offerings is a thoughtful blend of features and materials, resulting in a comfortable and supportive stocking that transitions well between indoor and outdoor environments, especially in the Fall, Winter and Spring months- when changes in weather can be dramatic. The higher cuff helps trap heat and keep you dryer.

Thicker pile construction through the ankle, cuff and balls of the foot add comfort and padding, as well as help to keep you warm.

The Tabby Long's blend of materials provide an excellent blend of temperature regulation, moisture management, support and durability in an attractive package that pairs well with a wide range of footwear, including sandals and thongs- thanks to it's free big-toe construction. 

Perfect for everyday use in casual, work and active environments and everywhere in between. 



・Tabi-shaped socks for comfortable autumn, winter, and spring seasons

・ Continue to be soft and comfortable throughout the day

・ Pile knitting is used from the toes to the heel and part of the instep.

・ Excellent comfort with acrylic, wool and polyester as the main fabric

・ High-strength polyethylene reinforcing threads are used for the toes, ball and heel.

・ Three-dimensional structure to improve the range of motion of the toes


SIZE:S (23-24.5 cm), M (25-27 cm), L (27.5-29.5 cm), XL (30-cm)
MATERIAL:Acrylic 34%, Merino Wool 23%, Polyester 23%, Cotton 11%, Nylon 3%,  Polyethylene 3%, Polyurethane 3%