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RAL Tabby

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Reborn Tabby appears!

Tabi socks, a staple of SimWorks RAL product line, are reborn. The specification has evolved greatly from the previous one, and the material and manufacturing method have been revamped from the beginning, so we are excited to offer the new Tabby as a fresh, new product.

Sock design will continue to be supervised by Motonobu Nakamura, a designer familiar with the compatibility of "directors" with various faces such as runners, hikers, cyclists, laborers, DJs, etc... 2 styles like excellent pop songs- a total of 8 models in 3 colors each round out the lineup.


Fabric evolution

The conventional product used 100% wool yarn and gained a good reputation. Based on the results of repeated tests with improved feedback, this time through the use of  the blended textiles of merino wool, anti-pill acrylic, durable cotton and other synthetic materials utilizing antibacterial deodorant (Lonfresh®) function, we have been able to develop an advanced quick-to-dry version with dramatically improved durability, as well as antibacterial properties.



Evolution of manufacturing method

In addition, we changed the conventional knitting machine and started manufacturing using an advanced knitting machine that can produce larger than normal socks. There are only a select few of these machines in Japan. Thanks to this, compared to the previous products, the length of the toes that can enter the crotch of the big toe and second toe firmly, and the width that covers the entire finger can be given a better margin, eliminating cramping and reducing stress.

Earlier Tabby and other tabi-style socks are typically manufactured using common knitting machines that make most socks for casual, sports and outdoor use. Socks made in this way, even in the toe, the part where the color is switched even in this Tabby, and even if you want to design a wider width, it will not exceed a certain level. If you look closely at the socks you have, you can see this, but there aren't many socks whose toes cover the entire finger. The advantages of tabi-type socks are that the big toe and second toe can be separated firmly, demonstrating the power to step on, and also handle sweat more effectively between the toes and achieve better comfort. It needed to be manufactured on a different knitting machine.


Further benefits associated with specification changes

These changes in the design also reduce the burden on the toes because the thongs are not cutting into the toe crotch more than necessary even when wearing warrarch style sandals such as Bedrock Sandal.


The soles are knitted by a method called tack knitting, so they fit firmly on the soles, support the power to step on the ground firmly, and also have cushioning performance due to the pile structure. And its excellent cushioning properties reduce the load on the soles during activities such as running and trekking as well as everyday life.


S (23-24.5 cm), M (25-27 cm), L (27.5-29.5 cm), XL (30-cm)
Acrylic 38%, Wool 21%, Cotton 17%, Polyester 16%, Nylon 5%, Polyurethane 3%

Japan, Nara