RAL Cap (2022)

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RAL CAP in Local

There are the simple things that are essential in our lives. Curiosity might lead me to various material desires, but good friends, good music, and delicious food are what sustain us.  And if I can ride a bicycle, I'm happy almost every day.


In such a life, we might also care for fashion and how we present ourselves, but on days when I want to get out and play, when I wake up in the morning and go out, I can quickly put this cap on. We all want something like that, right? Anyway, it's probably best if you can wear it without worrying about camping or hiking but just being out in the world. 

So, we thought about designing the cap from the perspective of a cyclist in order to give form to such a delusion.

This RAL CAP is a baseball cap full of our desires.

Made Locally…

We would like to make what we want, within the visible range, with people we know well, and for RAL products made in Japan, the manufacturing process is carried out as much as possible in Aichi and Gifu prefectures. We are planning to manufacture locally.

This Cap was also made by a small hat workshop in Ichinomiya City, in Aichi Prefecture.

In the last 30 years, the landscape of manufacturing sites has changed dramatically, and many facilities in Japan have shuttered. However, in the area where we live, mainly in Gifu Prefecture, there is still a rich tapestry of clothing manufacturers within an hour's drive.

Bicycles are the best way to get around our town, and bike shops play a critical roll in fostering a local economy.  Since we were raised in such a culture, we would like to prioritize making products with manufacturers that are close to where we live and do business.  


・Regular baseball cap style that can be worn everyday
・Comfortable to wear without getting in the way even under a helmet
・Specifications that can be flipped up in strong winds
・Drawcord back for easy adjustment
・Quick-drying fabric for camping and hiking


Material: 60% cotton, 40% nylon
Color: Navy, Red, Mustard, Khaki
Size: fits most
Made in Japan