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Primitive Adventure Water Bottle


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The energy that explodes out of plants which he tries to place, compose, and control. They wither, die and born again. This is the art work drew by Kotaro Imoto who makes a living with plants. A bike cuts the way into the road which generates metempsychosis of plants through planters on the street, street trees, a grassland, and even the jungle.  

SimWorks Art Collective, have a new brand called "PRIMITIVE ADVENTURE" by Kotaro Imoto who owns TUMBLEWEED, a plant culture shop selling prints, plants, and products.

He also contributed his plant art works at Gourmet Century Japan for the table setting, and more other bike events.

Capacity : 22oz (624ml)
Base : Specialized "Purist" BPA Free Bottle
Origin : Made in USA
Price : 14,00 USD