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Micro Pannier- Arkel mount


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- Constructed using 500D and 1000D- Cordura fabrics 

- Maximum capacity 10L / one

- Overall weight 340g / one

- Versatile mounting strap using “Mil-spec” hooks & loops

- Pricing reflects for pair/set (2 bags)

- Built-in high-density polyethylene reinforcement plate that can be easily removed and do double duty as a cutting board

-This Micro Pannier is a small pannier bag capable enough to support and supplement the Porcelain Rocket bikepacking suite of products - (handlebar pack, seat pack, frame pack), and as a support bag for higher risk adventures. 

-Of course, Micro Panniers alone are perfect as a clever solution for commuters and cyclists traveling on the light. The Micro Pannier is also recommended for bicycles where large capacity saddlebags can not be used due to size constraints and/or limitations of the bicycle.

-The Micro Panniers integrate the Arkel system for easy attachment/detachment from your bicycle rack

-Excelling in harsh environments, proven in numerous adventures- Micro Panniers will extend the scope of your journeys once again.