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Lazy Parade Screen Print


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  It is a summer mirage of seeing girls parade-riding slowly and sometimes stopping for a while by humming around. A huge paint works on SimWorks’ office entrance shutter titled “LAND of OURS” painted by WASHIO TOMOYUKI and this is a series of his concept called “LAZY PARADE”.

  These girls were printed in a studio in Portland, OR. It is finished with bright yellow color with silver lame and there is a hand-printed slight gap between borders that the artist suggested to do so in order to make the print feel more alive and hand-made feeling.

  3 colors, 50 pieces Limited Edition (25 pieces only in US), Coming with serial number and artist's signature on.

  Size : 18 x 25 inches (45.72cm x 63.5cm)  

* Frame is not coming with the print.

Washio Tomoyuki