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Why have we never seen this before, why doesn’t any make it? We wonder this simple question all the time. For the JOHN-B Bar after we answered the question by making it we knew the reason. Someone needs this bar, therefore we make it. It took us two years of working with Nitto to research and test material before we found the perfect fit. We upgraded B1230CroMo to modern standard 31.8mm size, combined Cromo and O/S to give it rigidity. When you ride the JHON-B Bar we are sure that you will feel what we are trying to do. We know you will ride faster and feel good.

Material : CrMo Steel
Width 370, 380 & 390mm (center - center at ends)
Center diam. 31.8mm
Bar diam. 23.8mm
Color Chrome Plated & Black
Price : 88.00 USD