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Explosion Handmade Cap by Welldone

Explosion Handmade Cap by Welldone


“Let us make our original cycling cap”

Whenever we come across the idea of making cycling cap, we always think of Chuey Brand. He looks for a fine cloth by himself, uses a sewing machine, and built his own lifestyle just like he rides his own bike to go forward by his own pedal power. We met each other, but even before that his existence gave us a lot of courages and inspiration.

Mr. Inocchi, a guy who creates cycle cap as “Welldone” in our city, NAGOYA, is one of those. He started making his production from a very old building in Osu area, but recently he became such a busy guy ever receiving order from West Coast in America. Cloths, threads, scissors, and sewing machines with his passion creates Form and Function world-widely and we think how he established his life style just like Chuey did is a beautiful story we would like to talk forever as one of the bicycle history.

SimWorks x Welldone. Our friendship will never be broken (As you know that a package cover of NITTO handle bar is made by Welldone). We would like to proudly present that our original cycling cap by Welldone now is available on our webshop. We actually tried out to bring some “Explosion cap” to NAHBS 2016, and they were all sold out immediately. We proudly present you to this our first original cycle cap! Original printed twill cloth is used for this cap as well as for package cover of our original NITTO handle bars hand-made by Welldone NAGOYA. You are going to feel the most comfortable fitting for sure because of his long experienced production for cycle cap.

We always like to Clothes to you…


BODY:100% Cotton

PRICE: $36.00-USD (tax not included)