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Charlene Basic Seatpack

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Charlene, the smallest seat pack within the Porcelain Rocket basic series is a compact but capable hauler. The bag has 3 to 5 liters of capacity and is equally suited for use on anything from an extra-long-distance rides that run through the night such as a brevet, or as a supplementary back in touring when using pannier, to a basic bag for daily commuting. 

Charlene's construction is merely a scaled down version of the other seat packs in the Porcelain Rocket line, with the same trusted, robust construction and easy access to luggage that you've come to depend on.

☆ A clearance of approximately 155 mm is required from the seat rail to the tire. In addition, at least 76mm of exposed seat post is necessary to properly secure the bag to your post.

Material :

Capacity : 3~5L
Dimensions : 11 x 28 x 12.5cm
Color : Black, Grey, Black Camo & Camouflage